Current Students

Phd Students

Ms. Neha Soni:  Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks.

B.Tech Students


  •   Ms Shilpa Kumari, Ms Ruchika Jha, Ms Sadhna Roy and Ms Ritu Gupta: Navigational help for Visually impaired.
  •   Ms Riya Rituja, Ms Smita Gupta and Ms Stuti Singh: Robot with Navigational Abilities.
  • Ms Beauty Singh, Ms Vaishali Pathak, and Ms Saloni Mehta: Image Processing and recognition.
  • Ms Sheetal Varshney: Implementing Logical entities using Quantum Computers.
  •  Ms Sheetal Varshney, SRCASW: Factors affecting Dynamics of Friendship using social network analysis tools.
  •  Ms Arushi Jain, DCE and Ms Geetika Jain, NSIT: VHDL for optoelectronic modeling
  • Ms Saloni Mehta, Implementing McCullotch Pitts model and its applications.


  • Mr Dhruv Rajan Saxena, Matlab implementation of Hopfield Neural Network
If you are interested in internship with me please send an email at

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