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Summer Training

Project: Physics and Simulation of Opto-Electronic Devices Place: Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women To apply for the training project please fill the form  online. Last date to apply 1st November 2011. Selected students will be notified by 20th November 2011

Rectifier Presentation

Rectifier presentation

Planar Waveguide

Link to Planar Waveguide  presentation

Waveguide using simulink

Following is link describing details of implementing a coplanar waveguide using RF toolbox of Simulink: Mathworks

Diode Circuits

Diode Circuits Presentation: Diode Circuits 1 Diode Circuits 2

Analog Electronics Lab, some web resources

1. Common Source FET amplifier 2. Single stage common emitter amplifier 3. Design of Class A and Class B Power amplifier 4. Half wave and full wave rectifiers 5. Phase Shift Oscillator 6. Coilpitts Oscillator