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Feedback in amplifiers and MOSFET

Presentation for Unit 3: Feedback in Amplifiers and Unit 4: MOSFET

Date Sheet Semester Exam

The datesheet is out, so start studying hard: 23-Nov-2011                           ENAT 101               Technical Writing 25-Nov-2011                           ELHT 301               Digital Electronics 26-Nov-2011                           ELHT 101                Applied Quantum Electronics 28-Nov-2011                           ELHT 302               Analog Electronics-I 29-Nov-2011                           ELHT 102                Engg. Materials 01-Dec-2011                           ELHT 103                Network Analysis 02-Dec-2011                           CS 1                          Fundamental of Progamming Languages 05-Dec-2011                           EQHP                        Environmental Studies 07-Dec-2011                           MAHT 305                Mathematics II For more information check All the best

Sample paper Analog Electronics

Question paper for unit 1 and 2 of ELHT 302, Analog Electronics. Practice hard

Power Amplifiers

The presentation on power amplifiers