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Unit 2: BJT, UJT and thryristor

Unit 2 presentation on BJT , UJT and thyristors . The presentations include structure, principle of operation, IV Characteristics and important parameters of these semiconductor devices

Online derivative and Integrator calculator

A very cool site especially for people like me who cannot remember mathematical formulaes. Just type the function and it calculates it derivative

Unit 1 pn Junction

Uploaded the unit 1 pn junction presentation. It covers pn junction basics, quantitative analysis of pn juction at equilbrium and under biased conditions.

Education for all

" Education for all ", a website developed to facilitate informal tertiary education. Educational resources especially open courseware available on the web are selected, organized and integrated into a meaningful and coherent context - somewhat akin to a virtual university. This is the link for their Integrated Microelectronics Devices Course  the course contains good summary of important semiconductor devices concepts. Worth spending some online hours there.