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Should India change national education policy from 10+2+3?

On 26 th May 2014, after a very long time India got a Prime minister with absolute majority, means we got someone who can deliver what he says. Prime Minister Narender Modi is the second prime minister from BJP, the first being Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. People have lot of expectations from this regime, especially due to their electoral slogan “Ache din aayenge” In his maiden speech PM beside many other things emphasized upon skill development and the lack of research in India especially in the fields of Agriculture[1]. He is not wrong India has a very poor research performance in all fields. Research is not something which a person does only in/after PhD, research is a way of life and unless our students are taught research from the beginning, they will never understand the concept of research. A good way to improve our contribution in research is in analysing what is different between our education and education provided by countries with maximum number of patents and