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Ghost of FYUP

The only B.Tech batch of DU, the so enrolled FYUP (2013-2017) now has another hurdle: the one year research project. The project work is spread in both VII and VIII semesters, and carries in total 300 marks out of total of 1200. Ideally, the students should get time slots in the labs to do their work, and for proper guidance by teacher, it should be also reflected in teacher's workload.  Department of Electronics, under good faith, has made specific guidelines to ensure proper running of these projects. The issue is will these guidelines be implemented in totality by the Principals/TICs, who are using different tactics to reduce the workload due to projects, some common being: Give them to guest   (Money matters one guest =four periods=Rs 1000 per week). Will a guest be able to do justice is another matter. If a permanent faculty is ready to take projects, then forcing them to increase their workload from prescribed 14/16. This in essence makes permanent faculty shy