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Deep Blue: A review

Image Source: Paper: Deep Blue Authors: Murray Campbell, A Joseph Hoane Jr, feng-hsiung Hsu Introduction: Deep Blue was the chess machine (it is a powerful combination of hardware and software) developed by IBM. The machine became important in the field of AI because it was able to defeat the then World class Chess champion Garry Kasparov in the year 1997. This paper gives insight into the impressive hardware & software of Deep Blue. Key Points: Deep Blue learned from the experience of its predecessors ChipTest, Deep Thought, Deep Thought II and Deep Blue-I matches with human players. The major changes in the Deep Blue architecture were: Hardware Implemented Evaluation function: It's chess chip had a redesigned evaluation function based on over 8000 features. Since the evaluation function was implemented in hardware it offered constant execution time, but it also limited future feature additions. A majority of