Computer History Museum - A visit

As a child, I used to imagine that when I grow up I will work in a bookstore. I will sell books and in spare time read all the books. Whenever I get a chance to visit a big bookstore or Library, I feel as If I have entered heaven, my spine is thrilled with electric spikes.
This August, I got a chance to visit San Jose (Was there to attend an international conference ASONAM 2016 in San Francisco). Feeling a bit adventurous I tried Airbnb for the first time and stayed with Venna, a very sweet lady. When we reached, she suggested that since I am into computers I should visit Computer History Museum, I accepted her suggestion and am very happy that I did. The museum kindled the child in me, and once again I was back to childhood (not that I have really grown old), seeing the Babbage difference engine, the PDP-1, the Jacquard loom, I was transcended into a new world. The museum showcased the history of computers bringing them back to life through their gigantic exhibits. The exhibition Rev…

Awards and Scholarships

  • Awarded certificate in recognition of 10 years of active participation and service in the CISCO Networking Academy in year 2013.
  • Awarded prestigious "DAAD (Deutsche Academic Exchange Service) Sandwich Model" scholarship, to pursue a part of my research at Germany for the year 2008-2009.
  • Awarded “Best Student Presentation" for the oral presentation at an International conference Photonics 2008.
  • Qualified UGC-NET/JRF in Electronic Science held in December 1997.
  • Secured 1st rank in M.Sc. (Electronics) in Jamia Milia Islamia, year 1996.
  • Secured 2nd rank in B.A.Sc.(Electronics) in University of Delhi, year 1994.
  • Won second prize in a National level Essay competition organized by Blitz Publication on "Education for empowerment, employment and enlightenment" in the year 1994.